Foreign Language Courses

iTrad organizes foreign language courses for different levels in groups of up to 10 learners.

Our language courses are intended for both individuals and legal entities and integrate all language skills, according to each level.

We provide language courses for both adults and children. Language courses organized by iTrad are divided into three levels:

– beginners

– intermediate

– advanced

We offer you the opportunity to learn the secrets of the desired language with the help of a native speaker, along whom you will have the opportunity to acquire the ability of a fluent conversation, not just grammatically correct or in terms of vocabulary.

At the end of the courses, you will have the ability to speak without being nervous in the studied language, fluently and correctly. You will be confident in your knowledge and able to socialize without delays.

Depending on the availability and needs of the client, we can move and organize courses at its premises. The price starts from 20 lei / class.

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