Definitions of terms

Standard page
it is considered a page with 2000 spaces (you can calculate it from the Word document by going to Review-Word Count)
Standardized Document
in this category we include birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, records, etc.
Non-standardized Document
se consideră document netipizat orice document pentru al cărui calcul de pagini se va folosi contorul de 2000 de caractere cu spații/pagină. any document for which a count of 2,000 character spaces / page count is used will be considered a non-standardized Document
Source Language
is the language from which the translation will be made
Target Language
is the language into which the translation will be made.
Authorized Translation
This type of translation requires legal validity in the country of destination. In this category we can include certificates, diplomas, financial statements, proxies, etc.
Legalized Translation
este traducere care are pe ultima pagină încheierea de legalizare a unui notar public prin care se certifică faptul că semnătura traducătorului este autentică și că traducătorul deține o autorizație emisă de Ministerul de Justiție. is a translation that has on the last page the legalization of a notary public certifying that the translator's signature is authentic and that the translator has an authorization issued by the Ministry of Justice.
Technical Translation
is the translation of a document related to a specific field of knowledge (economy, health, law). In specialized translation it is necessary to master the terminology of the translated text. We have translators that are experts in specialized subjects (marketing, aeronautics, finance and banking, chemistry, telecommunications, art, health, pharmaceutical, law, tourism, engineering, etc.)
Simultaneous Interpreting
is done while the speaker talks. The interpreter translates simultaneously and the message is listened to by the public with the help of headphones. This requires installing the appropriate sound equipment and interpreter booth.
Consecutive Interpreting
the orator speaks for about 5 minutes, during which the interpreter takes notes and translates. No technical equipment is required, but each intervention will mean that the period of time doubles. Recommended for press conferences or short presentations.
the interpreter whispers in the listener's ear the speech simultaneously. This way of interpreting is possible when there are very few listeners who do not understand the language.

/Our fields of specialty

  • philosophy
  • foundry
  • aeronautics
  • agriculture
  • archeology
  • architecture
  • astronomie
  • aviation
  • biology
  • botany
  • market research
  • chemistry
  • e-commerce
  • construction
  • accountancy
  • make up & beauty
  • ecology
  • economic
  • education
  • electronics
  • energy
  • finance
  • genetics
  • geography
  • geology
  • real estate
  • civil engineering
  • internet
  • IT
  • linguistics
  • literature
  • management
  • marketing
  • environment
  • metallurgy
  • military
  • music
  • nutrition
  • pedagogy
  • politics
  • production
  • psychology
  • advertisement
  • public relations
  • religion
  • Human Resources
  • sports
  • science
  • telecomunications
  • textiles

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