Source/Target language Price per page – lei
English, French, Italian, Spanish 25
German 35
Russian, Ukrainian, Catalan 45
Greek 50
Dutch, Hungarian 60
Turkish, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian 80
Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian 100
Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish 120
Arabic, Albanian, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Persian 120
  • The prices are for a 2000 characters page, with spaces.
  • The minimum pricing is for 1 page / document.
  • The typing and the printing of the translation are included in the price. The font is Times New Roman, with spacing of 1,5 and character 12. For higher work volumes prices can be negotiated separately.
  • In the case of translations from one foreign language to another, the rate for each language will be applied, being considered a double translation.
  • The emergency fee varies between 50% - 100% for translations delivered the same day.
  • Difficulty fee: for translations that have a high degree of difficulty, a 50% - 100% fee will be applied to the translation value, following negotiations with the client.
  • Collation will be charged 50% of the translation price, provided that the collated material is provided in editable format.
  • Translations can be provided on CD, DVD, e-mail or any other electronic support, free of charge.

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