Into what languages to translate my website?

Into what languages to translate my website?

It is well known that a website in various languages can open more doors. But what languages are dominating the internet world? If we take a look at the existing pages, most of them are at least in two languages. It is not new the fact that to sell more you need to translate your website in more languages. The first step in the process has to do with planification. It’s essential to know your client’s profile and the best tool that can indicate from where the website traffic comes from is Google Analytics. 

We are regularly asked by our clients in which languages to translate their websites, if 5 languages are necessary or 2-3 are enough. We can say that in the globalized world in which we live in there is no key to success, but it is true that some languages are more sought after than others.

Currently translating into English is more of an obligation than an option. Almost all websites have English as a second language. 

We suggest you to take into consideration an analysis of your client’s profile and to translate the website just in the necessary languages, because in a lot of cases less means more.

If your business is a travel agency, we suggest that you contact us to translate your website into Russian or Japanese. The inhabitants of these countries are the ones who travel the most, so they can be the perfect customers.

One of the most widely spoken languages is Chinese, but if your budget is limited, you might want to focus on another European language such as Italian, Spanish, French, etc.

One of these languages, along with English and the mother tongue, will be a sure success.

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