What are the most spoken languages in Europe?

What are the most spoken languages in Europe?

Undoubtedly, the European continent is home to a large range of languages with the largest number of speakers. 

The Italian language, a Romanic language belonging to the great Indo-European family, is spoken by 62 million people, most of who live in Italy and is the official language in other countries like San Marino and Switzerland.

In Italy there are more dialects spoken, depending on the area or region, and words from the culinary art like pasta, pizza or spaghetti entered the lexicon of other countries.

The French language is also a Romanic language from the Indo-European family and is currently spoken by 220 million people. From this impressive number 110 million have French as their mother tongue, occupying an extremely important role in the global / communication/ at a global level. The diversity of the French lexicon is owed to other language’s influences but the French language also loaned from its lexicon to other languages / but other language have borrowed from the French lexicon as well.

Molière’s Language is spoken in countries like Andorra, Belgium, Luxemburg, Canada, Morocco, Monaco, etc.

The English language is the language spoken by over a billion people worldwide. Knowing (the) English (language) has become a requirement for any employment and it dominates commercial relations, communications, science, aviation, diplomacy, etc.

English is a Germanic language from the extended Indo-European family and it is used in countries like Ireland, Scotia, Wales or Malta and it is the most studied foreign language in the European Union. In Great Britain, English has different dialects that are phonetically and orthographically different, depending on the geographical point of reference.

The Turkish language could not miss from the list of most spoken languages from Europe. In Romania the number of Turkish speakers is estimated at 30.000 and at a global level the total number of Turkish speakers is approximately 95 million. Initially, the language was written with Arabic characters, but it evolved until the 20th century when a reform introduced the Latin alphabet. In the feature category we can mention that there is no gender in the Turkish language and the verb will always appear at the end.

One of the most spoken languages in Europe is the German language, in Romania it is spoken by 60.000 people. It is the mother tongue in countries like Austria, Sweden, Luxemburg and Liechtenstein.

It is the spoken language of 185 million people and depending on the area, the German language may present differences that reflect the various dialects. The sound and the length of the vocals play a significant role in the meaning of the words. For example “ofer” pronounced with a long “o” means stove while pronounced with a short “o” means open.

The Russian language it is a language spoken by 164 million people and it is used in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia. During the communist era Russian was one of the languages taught in Romanian schools alongside French or English. After the Revolution, the teaching of Russian language has completely disappeared.

A feature of the Russian language is the fact that the language is written in the Cyrillic Alphabet. 

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